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1st Year Work Experience and Mini Pupillages

For this edition of my blog, being as summer is fast approaching, it seems sensible to think about what first years can do during the summer holidays in terms of work placements and experience.

Many first years will not be accepted into Mini Pupillage schemes as most require you to already be in your second year when you apply. But there are some out there who do, so I went along to every CV writing course and Bar Society event that Queen Mary offered in order to see what these firms and Chambers are looking for.

I began around Christmas time by researching and trawling through every Chambers website I could find. I found about 10 over a range of areas from Criminal to Property to Child Law and sent in my applications. I knew I didn’t stand very much of a chance but I thought I might as well to get to learn the process and you never know. Plus, in Law, it’s never too early to get stuck in!

Then it’s the waiting game. Many take over 6 weeks to reply and  some even longer, so until then I decided to cast the net a bit further and look at local Courts and Solicitors. In total, by the end of May I would have sent in over 20 applications! Hopefully one of them will bite.

In the meantime I attended the National Pupillage Fair and some were present to whom I sent an application, allowing me to talk to them personally and perhaps moving my papers a little bit up the pile. I also applied to Citizen’s Advice and Victim Support for some extra experience in dealing with the public and sensitive issues.

So far, all I have received is a letter from one Chamber stating they are considering my application, which does inspire a little bit of confidence. But I encourage anyone who is looking for summer work to apply as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get a reply, at least you would have tried and got all your information ready for next year!

 Never be disheartened, most first years don’t even contemplate something like this, so you would already be on the first step.

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