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My Name is Spencer Cylinder…

Hello.  My name is Spencer Cylinder.  I’m studying abroad here at Queen Mary for this fall semester.  So far, my experience has been fantastic!  I’m from New Jersey, back in the United States, but I study at the University of Richmond in Virginia.  Spending the last two years in sunny Richmond, I was worried that I wouldn’t see the sun again for the rest of the semester.  Luckily, the past month has been very sunny here.  All of my new British friends have told me that this has been an unusual month.

At my home school, I study political science.  Well, not exactly.  The full major is called Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law (or PPEL), but political science is easier to say and explain.  I was excited to take classes here like British Politics and Comparative European Politics so that I can get a more rounded view of how politics and policy around the world is shaped.  I also wanted to take classes that were less related to my major back in the States, like London on Film and Architecture of London as a sort of breather from my heavy political and philosophical workload back home.

But work isn’t the main reason I’m here.  I could’ve just as easily stayed home for that.  No, what I really wanted to do here was explore and get to know London, Britain, and Europe better.  You see, this semester was the first time I have ever been to Europe and I intend to make the most of it.  So far, I have checked off a fair amount of what I want to see here in London, yet this city is so big and busy, that there is still so much I’m excited to see!  Not to mention, the things outside of London that I want to explore.  So far, I have only been to Bath and Stonehenge outside of London.

Other things to know about me, besides my interests in politics, are my love of movies, video games, and pretty much anything considered classically “nerdy.”  I have one cat and one dog that I miss very much.  I am also a huge fan of science fiction and hope to someday write something of my own for the world.  Finally, I have always been attracted to Britain and British things, especially British humor like Monty Python.  This attraction drew me towards picking London as my place to study abroad.  I really want to make the most out of the rest of my time here and I plan on writing down all of the major things I do in the months ahead.

That being said, my next couple of blogs will be about the things I have already done while I was here this past month.  There is a lot to talk about and I hope you enjoy!

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