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The End of Classes and the Beginning of Holiday

Getting my Queen Mary memorabilia before it's too late!

Getting my Queen Mary memorabilia before it’s too late!

Wow?! Classes are over already?

At Queen Mary, there are only 12 weeks of classes and most of the classes only meet twice a week: once a week for lecture and once a week for seminar (or as my school back in the States likes to called it, “discussion”). So if you think about it, that’s only 12 lectures per class! Now there’s a month break before exams start, but if you’re studying liberal arts you most likely don’t have many or any exams. Luckily all my exams were given during week 12 and I just have two more papers due by the end of April. However, if you’re studying abroad for an entire year, you might have to cut your month-long holiday short because exam month will not only cover what you learned this semester, but also last semester. I have a flat mate who’s taking seven exams!

Whatever number of exams you may have, you should have no problem fitting in time to travel and have fun. I’ve noticed many study abroad students go out of the country on the weekends (but that’s personally a bit too short of a trip for me and I need the weekends to catch up and rest), but I think you should also spend a lot of time in London to soak in the culture and see what the city has to offer… and boy does it have a lot to offer! This past week I got to see two phenomenal plays and one (‘Peter and Alice’) starred Judi Dench and Ben Whishaw! To save money on plays, I recommend queuing early in the morning for day tickets, which are around £10-12 (compared to £50 tickets you buy ahead of time online). Because of the high demand for ‘Peter and Alice’, my friends and I lined up at 6:45 am, but it was worth it. You’re young and in London after all!

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