Wales – it is not England, OK?

This is important: if you visit Wales while you’re here, whatever you do, do not call a Welsh person “English.” Even a Welsh infant would kick you in the face for doing so. Wales is not England, no matter what the maps say. Got it? Good. Off you go, then!

As the massive geek that I am, one of my must-see locations in the UK was Cardiff, the capital of Wales. This is where most of “Doctor Who” is filmed and contains (in addition to many filming locations and amazing Welsh accents) the Doctor Who Experience.

My inner fangirl took over and became my outer fangirl as we made our way to Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay, which is immediately familiar to any “Doctor Who” or “Torchwood” fans:

Cardiff BayA back shot because my SQUEE-face is kind of terrifying.

After totally maybe acting out a scene or two from the shows, we entered the Doctor Who Experience, where we found one of these:

TARDISI WILL find a way to fit this into my luggage.

After satisfying the geek itch, we also visited Cardiff Castle to get our history on. There were tapestries as far as they eye could see, plus an inner compound surrounded by walls around the entire thing:

Cardiff CastleI Heart History

We also got a chance to have a proper cream tea in a gorgeous hotel on the coast, thus satisfying the Royal We itch. Wales is a lovely place to visit, so make your way there if you get a chance.

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