The best places to do your uni work in London.

London’s a pretty big place, and sometimes working in your little uni room or the campus library can get a little dull – so why not make the most of living in such a quirky and vibrant city. There’s plenty of places other than uni where you can just sit, chill, drink coffee and do your work and sometimes it’s far more inspiring and motivating to work alongside people that aren’t necessarily doing coursework. So here are my 3 favourite places to work in London:


1. Other Libraries. One of the best things about being a University of London student is that you aren’t just restricted to your own uni library, upon registration you are also able to use other libraries within the University of London.
– Such as Kings College Library (which you might recognise from Harry Potter!)


Kings College Library aka Dumbledores office – as seen in Harry Potter

– Another UoL library you may have heard of is Senate House Library – a library specifically for UoL students, standing at 19 floors in the heart of Bloomsbury, right next to the British Museum.


Senate House Library

2. Coffee Shops. Because sometimes we like to be in a place where we can simultaneously eat, drink and work. London is home to thousands of coffee shops, from your secret edgy Shoreditch finds to a Costa on every street corner; here are my top 5:
– Joe and the Juice.  Sites include the Kings Road, Regent St, Clapham Junction, New Oxford St and Holborn. If you like fresh juices, avocado sandwiches (and beautiful boys), this chilled out cafe may definitely be your cup of tea.
– We Are The Big Chill, Brick Lane. Club by night, the Big Chill offers a calm, quirky place to work with plenty of sofa space, and hot chocolate served in mugs during the day.


We Are The Big Chill, Brick Lane

– Brick Lane Coffee. Similarly, a pretty edgy find, but nevertheless a nice chill place to work. (They even have Almond milk – in fact, you should just take a look at the menu – so edgy).

Brick Lane Coffee, Brick Lane.

Brick Lane Coffee, Brick Lane.

– Foxcroft & Ginger, Whitechapel Road. A stone-throw away from QMUL, how convenient. This quirky caf (are you starting to see a pattern?!) serves fresh bread and pastries, brunch, pizza, and all the usuals – all in a super cool venue – what more could you want?

Foxcroft & Ginger, Whitechapel Road.

Foxcroft & Ginger, Whitechapel Road.

Look Mum No Hands, Old St. If you’re a fan of bikes, and coffee, you might just love this place. A bit bonkers, very edgy, but very cool and inspiring.

Look Mum No Hands, Old Street.

Look Mum No Hands, Old Street.

3. And finally, how about a mix of both? Foyles Bookshop Cafe, Charing Cross may just be that. Because a combination of books and coffee is always a winner.

Foyes Bookshop Cafe, Charing Cross Road.

Foyes Bookshop Cafe, Charing Cross Road.

If you were looking for somewhere different to work in London – I hope this helped! If you have anywhere else you’d like to add please write it in the comments!


Billie 🙂





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