Sometimes you have to keep it simple

Hey everyone! Following on from my most recent blog, I can happily say I successfully completed my robotic arm experiment. However, this would not have been possible if I didn’t keep things simple.

What exactly do I mean by keeping things simple? Based on my last blog, you may remember I said in my first lab sessions that I couldn’t get the robotic arm to move. Well in a nutshell, the main reason the robotic arm didn’t move was because I over complicated the experiment. In other words, if I had tried to solve the problem in the easiest and most efficient way possible, this would have reduced a lot of confusion for me. Below are some examples of simple questions I asked myself in order to make the robotic arm move:

– What are the components of the robotic arm?

– What are the aims of the experiment?

– How can I achieve these aims?

As you can see, by asking simple questions you begin to break down the problem into simple steps. In the end, this is what helped me to successfully complete the experiment. Now for those of you who are eager to see what the robotic arm looked like in action, below is an image of me controlling the movement of the robotic arm:



Image: Me controlling the robotic arm after successfully building the circuit with other group members.

Finally, if there’s one thing you can take away from today’s blog it would be; If ever you come across a complex problem, try thinking about how you can simplify it in order to solve it.

As always now that you have gained this knowledge, how will you apply it?

Good-luck !

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