Revision tips 101:The importance of prioritising

It’s not always possible to do everything you need to do in one day, and this is where learning to prioritise becomes important; especially when revising.

As a university student, one of the things you may face, especially around the examination period, is having lots of revision to do but not enough hours in a day to complete it all.  Lets say for example I need to revise for maths, physics and chemistry in one day – how do you think I decide what to revise first? What I would do is look at my weaknesses for each subject and decide which section would take the most time to understand. For example if I need more practice on algebra, I would revise that first.

Other tools I use to prioritize subjects is a scale from 1-8 of how difficult I find a subject (1 – Easy; 8 – Very Hard). Lets say I only have 10 hours to revise in a week, the subjects with the highest rankings I would spend more hours on. For example, if I need to study maths and physics, if I rank maths as 3 and physics as 6, I would spend 6 hours revising physics and 3 hours revising maths. With a spare hour to recap!

If possible I try to start revision as early as possible, that way I can clearly identify what areas I may need to revise more, so I have plenty of time until the final exam.


As you can see having many subjects to revise can be difficult so learning to prioritise is very important. 

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