Revision tips 101: Quality of revision vs Quantity of revision

Since everyone is most likely preparing for their exams, here is another blog on revision tips I have learnt over my years of studying so far.

Hours and hours of revision? 

Let me begin by giving you all a bit of background: in the past especially while completing my A Levels, I had the mindset of “As long as I do lots of hours of revision, then it means I have revised well.” However, how many of you have experienced the feeling of revising for so many hours but still not understanding anything by the end of the day? This is exactly how I used to feel and it was mainly because I didn’t want to feel guilty for not revising for many hours and because I wanted to do well in my exams. What I did not know was that although I was revising for many hours in a day with minimal breaks, I was not actually absorbing the information from the study content. The quality of your revision helps you to think, “How much am I really understanding during my hours of revision?” and “Could I revise in a more efficient way?” In my case, what I did was instead of revising for hours in a day, I would revise for approximately 40 minutes just before I felt myself becoming tired, and continued revising when my brain felt ready.  For me this could be as short as two minutes or even up to an hour. In addition, in my opinion, as long as you fit your breaks into your revision timetable, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be able to revise for as long as you want. Below I have given an example of a timetable which could be used as a guideline. It shows how a set timetable can be repeated every day:

Revision timetable

An example of a revision timetable with breaks.


What is the best way to revise?

The main message I would like you all to take away is that when it comes to revising, it is always best to revise in a way that suits you. Some people may prefer revising for an hour or more with minimal breaks, while others may prefer revising for 20 minutes and having small breaks in between revision periods. At the end of the day, everyone is different when it comes to revising and there is no right or wrong way, so why not try see what suits you when you next revise … ?

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