Review of my second year of study

Today I finished the last of my official revision lectures before my exams, so I thought I would summarize what I thought helped me successfully study throughout my degree so far.

Buying the correct stationary equipment

For me, having eight modules (The number of modules for my degree) to study for can be difficult, however when you have the correct stationary, this can help you to keep your notes tidy so that they are easier to find when you need them. The top 3 stationary equipment I would recommend is a folder for each module, sticky labels (To label your work such as the name of a topic for particular notes.) and punch pockets (To ensure your notes do not get ripped by getting caught in your folder.). Below is an image illustrating the stationary equipment I use:

An example of a labelled sticky label on a folder with notes inside a punch pocket

An example of a sticky label on a folder with notes inside a punch pocket.

Time management skills

As I have discussed in my previous blog “Revision tips 101” having time management skills is essential for balancing study time with leisure. Without balance, in my opinion, you could  face problems such as falling behind in your studies or even neglecting your personal health by not doing any physical activities (i.e. walking, jogging, sports etc.) . I set myself deadlines for when I want tasks completed, alongside scheduling time to relax.

Asking for help when you are unsure about something

When you are unsure about something when studying, the worse thing you could do is nothing. Explain to your teacher what you are having trouble with and get help. I have found that by asking questions I see concepts from another viewpoint and I benefit even more.

I cannot stress how important the tips are that I have mentioned, and I hope this will help you in your future studies.




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