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When I first arrived at Queen Mary in my first year I attended a volunteering event organised by QMSU Volunteering Service.  I thought it would be interesting to hear what opportunities there were so I went along and among all these charities and opportunities I found Reach Out. It is a mentoring charity where you can help children with Maths and English, but most often the children in my school need a role model and help to increase their confidence. There is ReachOutAcademy for older children and Reach Out Club, where the children are mainly around 11 years old.

Like so many other mentors I arrived at my primary school on the first day very nervous and thought that I would never be good enough to teach the children anything. After the first session I was a bit calmer, a few sessions more and things were going ok and now in my second year of Reach Out I am a project leader in the same school I started at!

Today we are skipping the academic activities and are making pancakes together; last week we did a maths work sheet and played basketball; and in the future we have plans to visit a farm.

Interestingly, Reach Out not only helps the children.  Next week I get to go on a Teach First training event. On my presentation today my heart wasn’t racing at double speed any more – I have actually grown more confident in addressing big crowds of people!

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