Modules Have Begun

Classes started a few weeks ago so I finally have a really reason to get up before 9am. I was starting to become one of those people that wanted to go back to school because it gives me something to do and think about.

I am excited for my classes although none of them are easy. The university categorizes modules by level, so I am currently taking three meant for second year and one for final year students. The last one will be much more difficult because they expect a higher caliber of work and theorizing. I think I am up to the challenge.

So far I like that classes only meet once a week with a section or film screening later on. It allows for more free time to do other things, but it also means I need to be productive on my own. I need to work on my individual productivity the most because I have grown used to constant class meetings covering all material pertaining to the courses in great detail. One two hour lecture a week obviously has less time for class-wide theorizing on major topics, so it is all up to me to connect the dots and make further connections.

Since art history isn’t technically a major here I am taking a combination of history and film classes, but this semester they are offering a class in Impressionism and another in Modern Art. I was enrolled in a Spanish Realism course but I mistakenly thought that it was Spanish fine art, not literature. I didn’t realize my mistake until receiving the reading list for the course and downloading one of the books. I noticed that the entire book was in Spanish and then checked if the other six were also not in English. After realizing that all of the full novels that I would need to read were in Spanish, I decided to switch into Cine-Museology, which focuses on theorizing cinema and the museum. This will likely be one of my hardest classes, but also the one that I am most interested in. There are only eight students enrolled and we screened Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” on the first day; all of these are promising characteristics of a class.

One great thing about the amount of free time is that I could take a trip down to Covent Garden with my flatmates, Sophie and Hetty, on Tuesday to walk around and explore without having to worry about classes or class work. There were musicians to be heard, food to be eaten and sights to be seen. There was a talented group of people playing string instruments who drew a large crowd on the balconies above them, so I got to enjoy their music until their time was up.

With this kind of time on my hands I am either going to be very well traveled within London and broke, or I will be making money with a part time job and much less free time. Hopefully I can manage a combination of the two!

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