Life of a transfer student…joining QMUL Geography in year 2


As we all know, adjusting to change is not the easiest thing. Whether you have moved home, school or between jobs – it can be life-changing. Making the decision to move university programmes part-way through your degree studies is a big deal. But with a bit of research, a little patience, and a view to the future, you can get over being the new arrival, settle in, and make the most of your new path!

Here, I speak to one transfer student who joined QMUL Geography at the start of the second year…

Q1: How are you finding your experience at QMUL so far?

“The campus is lovely and I am enjoying my experience so far. The university is in the heart of London so there’s always something to do within a short distance. I have really enjoyed it and the atmosphere around campus has a home-like feeling!  I enjoyed my second semester more than the first semester as I had settled in and got used to the way things work at Queen Mary.”

Q2: What were you expecting before you arrived at QMUL?

“I had an idea of what to expect in terms of academics but every university is different. I expected to meet lots of new people  but I realised this is something that takes time. As I arrived in the second year, keeping on top of university assignments as well as trying out different activities proved more difficult than I had initially thought. You just have to find the right balance!”

Q3: What did you think about the way the lectures are structured and the teaching? 

“Lectures in the School of Geography are well structured; you have an idea of what is going to be covered prior to attending the lecture. I like this as it prepares you for the lecture so you to print any specific material and take out essential books in the library. Lecturers are approachable and helpful, many will support you outside of their office hours which is nice to know.”

Q4: Any advice for anyone else who is a transfer student, or anyone who is considering transferring to QMUL but is afraid to do so?

  • It’s a good experience – honest!
  • Not many people know you are able to transfer (so do your research)
  • Be prepared for the process as it is long and can be daunting but it’s not as bad as it seems and once it’s over it’s a relief.
Join QMUL Geography in London's Queen Mary University of London

“I always wanted to graduate from this university, especially from the School of Geography – it’s a dream come true!” Transfer student

Set in the heart of London's East End, QMUL Geography is an excellent place to study undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in human and physical geography as well as environmental science

The School of Geography ranks consistently highly in university league tables and student satisfaction scores. Here a table of brochures and postcards hanging out in Geography Reception…

photo 2

The School of Geography at QMUL is named in the top 100 universities in the world for this subject according to QS World University rankings 2015.

“I’m just heading into my final year this autumn and am looking forward to graduating with a degree from Queen Mary University of London…pictured some helpful Student Survey bugs in Geography Reception…!”


  • If you have any queries about joining QMUL Geography, please contact our admissions team on or call 020 7882 8168.
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