It’s not all fish ‘n’ chips

There are a few things from the States that I miss; things like Miracle Whip, Diet Code Red Mountain Dew, and Pizza Rolls. Also, grape jelly. Grape anything really. They have jams and marmalades in every flavor you can imagine including blackcurrant, apricot, and plum. But no grape. I’m assuming they hoard all the grapes to make wine. So if you’re a PB&J girl like me and grape is your go-to flavor, it might be time to reach out to parents or friends back home for a care package. Or just try out that blackcurrant stuff, if you’re adventurous.


I miss you.

The cool thing is that the UK has some amazing stuff that you don’t really find in the US which makes up for the dearth of Diet Cherry Pepsi. Things like salad cream, which is a delicious Miracle Whip alternative. Or Hobnobs, which are a fantastic chocolate-coated biscuit (biscuit = cookie). And the Prawn Cocktail crisps? Divine. (Crisps = chips, chips = fries. Don’t worry, you’ll catch on.)

Eating out is a whole other adventure. London is nice enough to have a lot of American staples (McDonald’s, Subway, even Chipotle) so you can get that comfort food – although I recommend avoiding Burger King because a meal which costs less than $5 in the US for some reason costs nearly £10 here. If you’re going to spend that much, get curry instead. Because the curry is amazing here. If you’re a wimp about spicy food like me, just try a korma. You won’t regret it.



There’s a zillion little restaurants in London, and many of them are ridiculously good and not terribly expensive for occasional nights out. Pubs also tend to have great comfort food like burgers and chips, which you must try with malt vinegar like the locals do.

Ok, I’m making myself really hungry writing this post, I think it’s time for some beans on toast. Good eating, everyone!



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