First impression of QM: Fantastic!

My first impression of Queen Mary was full of colour! From the cozy, compact campus with both modern and historic elements to the inspiring induction talks and cuddly mascots that greeted me at the Fresher’s Fair. I knew instantly that I had made the right decision to study here.

I quickly settled into my comfortable Creed Court room and discovered that QM has something to offer everyone, regardless of your interests or cultural background. There were parties at the snazzy on-campus bar ‘Drapers’, boat cruises and all kinds of exciting events both on and off campus during Fresher’s week. So many in fact, that I was unable to attend most! There were also plenty of international students like me, which was comforting, and a wide variety of intriguing student societies and sports clubs.

I came to Queen Mary to study undergraduate law (senior status) and I was very impressed at the amount of information that we were given by the law department during our first couple of days. This information included that which related to our courses specifically, career prospects, on campus security and navigating the library. I instantly felt like my education would be taken seriously, and my potential to succeed would be maximized.

Coming from Bermuda I’m happy to know that I’m studying at a university where I’ll not only receive a high quality, broad education, but I’ll also be learning in an environment where I genuinely feel like I’m part of a community.

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