Exams and summer plans

Exams… no one likes them, but they must be done. This year, the law exams were rather early, and so, although our summer came earlier, it meant less time for all-important revision. For some, this is almost a godsend, but for me it was a huge panic and worry. My style of revision is to condense and write everything I have done throughout the year on massive A2 sheets, these took about 2 ½ weeks to complete, meaning I had around three or four weeks to learn it off by heart.

After covering every wall space in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and two bedrooms, with these sheets and over 700 cases remembered, I was ready… well, kind of. I felt ready, but some questions still managed to throw me off, yet, I couldn’t have used any more time to revise or tried any harder. I had a strict routine of an 8am start with an hour off for lunch at 11, and continued to work until around 7 or 8pm, although, admittedly, the closer I came to exams, the more I worked into the night. However, I can safely say that the latest finish time was half

Me and the Lord Chief Justice

Me and the Lord Chief Justice

ten. I don’t know how people can work until 3 in the morning, that just seems like madness!

Whether the results are good or bad, I won’t know until that dreaded judgement day at the end of July or August. Denial is a great tool in this situation. It is better to look forward than back, so, for now, I am just going to enjoy the summer.

So far, the holiday has been great, it took some time adjusting to all the free time I suddenly had available and getting over the sickly feeling of guilt for not doing any work I felt I ought to be doing, even though there was nothing to do, was a little tricky.

But, it is now week 2, and I have already participated in the London Legal Walk as a marshal where I met the Lord Chief Justice, which was amazing. I have also managed to obtain the long awaited mini Pupillage  and almost by pure chance! Networking was crucial, if you meet the people you hope to apply to, you are sure to make much more of an impression than any words on a piece of paper ever could. I am also waiting to hear back from victim support for training dates. All this, on top of a holiday to Scotland, a mini break to Cambridge, and a highly anticipated Muse concert should make for a very exciting summer; I will hopefully be well rested and prepared for the following year.

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