Countdown Begins

I’ve got exactly four weeks left here! I’ve got two and half weeks left of working at the pub and then I’ll have some time off to travel before I head back. I’m currently debating between going to Ireland and Scotland, or heading around a few countries in Europe by train. I’ll have about 7 days after my leaving do to travel, which seems like a fair amount of time to see a couple of cities. It’s all going to depend on my next paycheck!

I’ve just been at work lately, and it’s been a crazy few weeks ~ I’ve been trying to enjoy the gorgeous weather we’ve had too! I try to spend each day off in a park or outside somewhere, especially as I only have one day off a week! Today, however, is mainly going to be spent doing laundry and cleaning before I head out and about.

It’s crazy to think how fast this year has gone. I can still remember moving into halls on campus and my first day of work at The White Horse. It’s also been weird to make plans with my friends from home before we all head back to college again – I only have a week before I move into campus, so I probably won’t even unpack much! Right now though, I’m just going to get everything sorted and ready to go! I am looking forward to going home and getting back into my routine (I miss my car!) Till then ~

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