Challenges yet to come :)

So it has been 7 weeks now since I last talked about ‘Milestones’ – Only almost 2 months and things have changed so much to me!

As I have mentioned, Volunteering has been a big thing for me since January 2014. I have said this so many times but still can’t express how much I treasure each opportunity. One after another, they all made me feel oddly satisfied. People were smiling at each other, working in harmony and wishing for the same outcome. In simple terms, Volunteering is like magic that unites everyone and makes visible changes to the community.
I very much enjoy and believe in volunteering and honestly want to do more. On this basis, I grabbed all my courage to take a step further, from a Team leader for one day opportunities to running for Volunteer Officer of the Mile End campus. Yes, you read it right! After nomination, I did not chicken out and actually run for the position!

My campaign was not as big and noticeable like other candidates. I tried to talk to different students, see how they perceive volunteering and ask what they want to be changed. It does not surprise me that the concept of “commitment” put people off from participating in these miracle activities. To be honest, it did put me off a bit earlier but once I got involved, ‘commitment’ does not appear like a big word anymore. In my mind, there are adjustments to be made, like the frequency as well as the variety of the opportunities offer.
If I become the Volunteer Officer, I would try to offer volunteers opportunities to help the local community, like Lakshika (current V-officer) has been working on so far. From an international student perspective, getting these chances would be brilliant insight to London and would improve our overall experience. And generally, QM students involved in working with the local community is actually a great combination 🙂

Furthermore, although I am not 100% an extrovert but I do enjoy social events and gathering. To be honest, there are only a few occasions when volunteers can meet each other. So, the second goal I want to achieve if I got the role is to expand and strengthen the social network of volunteer. I want more social events, more opportunities for volunteers from Mile End campus to meet volunteers from Barts and London; more opportunities for QM volunteers to meet those from other universities! I want to make volunteers feel that they belong in a society, in a big united team to share their experience, to connect and to achieve diverse experience!!
Forming these goals and directions, I imagine more and more happy faces talking about volunteering as enthusiastic as one can be…
It is little bit like I have a vision and I would work towards it while considering all other wishes and issues arising along the way.
Nevertheless, these plans and directions only have a few months left to ‘configure’ before they will officially implemented as I am thrilled to announce myself as the (M.E) Volunteer Officer elected! x) Since the election has come to an end, I’m left with a unique experience and a determination to perform well in my future role thanks to all of you. I very much appreciated the support and trust I have received from friends, course mates and future fellow volunteers <3

I would try my best to be worthy of the position!
The “if” in my mind is now become “when” and to me right now, the challenges have yet to come!

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