Zafar Khurshid

Zafar Khurshid
I am currently pursuing an LLM at Queen Mary, specializing in Intellectual Property. I am 25 and an qualified Advocate from India, where I was working in the Supreme Court before I came to London to pursue a Post-Graduate Degree. Upon completing my year at Queen Mary I hope pursue the Bar in London and practice here as a Barrister for a number of years before finally returning to India. My interests include Music, Photography and Writing, a lot of which I share through my two Blogs, along with other experiences - both mundane and extraordinary. Read my blog or see my Tumblr.

Introducing… Me!

Hey there citizens of the blogosphere.

My name is Zafar. Though I am not new to blogging, having been at it off-and-on since 2005, this is my first post as one of QM’s bloggers! I joined Queen Mary in September 2012 and so far its been a great 6 months (yikes, saying that out loud reminds me just how little time is left in my course). Unlike you lucky undergrads who get to do this for another 2 years, I’m pursuing my Masters so I’ll only be a student at QM for the 1 year. Why not do a Ph.D. you ask? Well, my  desire is to get back into the working world right after. Doing the LLM has been so amazing – I’ve met great people from all over the world, been genuinely challenged academically like I never have before, and of course I’ve lived in this wonderful city with its thriving culture and a million fun things to do. But I feel the time will soon come to start focusing on my career.

Anyway, I digress (which is something I do often – but don’t worry, I’m sure in time you’ll come to find it charming ; p ). The point of this post was to introduce you guys to my blog. I have been writing most of my life. Whether it was creative writing for lessons or short pieces for the school paper/class newsletter, I love to write. I think I probably get that from my mother – who used to be a Journalist. I also love music and photography – mom again – she gave me my first SLR when I was 17, and I’ve been shooting ever since. So my blog highlights my love of these many things.

Musings of an Eclectic Soul – This is my blog which features my self-composed Poetry, short Prose as well as observational pieces, reviews and posts on basically anything that pops into my mind. There’s a weekly Poll on Sunday – pop in and give us your opinion! I’ve also recently moved my Video, Photography and Music content from Tumblr onto this blog – so its a one-stop shop! You’re free to use any of the content for non-commercial purposes, as long as you link back to the original post and credit the author : )

Well thats me. I wonder if I’ve done a good job selling myself ; p Oh well, I suppose we’ll see soon won’t we? Hope to hear your feedback on the blog. Happy browsing fellow bloggers and readers!

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