Shayani Rajendran
Medical Engineering - GRADUATED
Hi, my name is Shayani and am a 2nd year medical engineer who studied in Germany up to Jan 2009. I was interested in Engineering from when I was small without knowing what engineering was; always interested how things worked and how to get them back to work since I was my family's mechanic. =) However i was driven to study medicine from a early age, but when given the choice I picked medical Engineering. I was born on the July the 11th, 1991. My hobby are Basketball, reading books and spending time with my friends and family.

Open day

An Open Day? I know, you must be thinking “why would she want to write about a day where people just come in and look at brochures?” Talk about boring, right?


Helping prospective students at the Open Day.

Helping prospective students at the Open Day.


Well, the Open Day on Saturday 21st September was different. I was asked to lead the Medical Engineering lab tours for prospective students and their parents. Although on paper there appears to be not much more than a chemical lab, a mechanical workshop and a gait lab, I was astonished at how much I knew about the details of what happens in these labs. Without the correct information, the prospective students and their parents may have thought that the labs looked just like….labs! But to me, and hopefully now them, my tours of the labs gave me the opportunity to appreciate all of the various machines and the broad range of projects that are facilitated in those labs; the importance of some of the projects is just mind-boggling to imagine!

On top, I was further impressed that my knowledge of the labs didn’t stem from the prep talk given to me by the staff running the Open Day; instead, I gained most of it from the third year selection process where I chose my research project. Because it was so easy to talk to my lecturer about the research taking place at SEMS, I was able to find out all about what my options were. I researched and asked around and as a result, now know about the Nano medicine project, the materials that can potentially cure blindness, a robotics project and many more!

What made the Open Day special, was working with all the different SEMS Ambassadors that I wouldn’t get to meet otherwise. I hadn’t expected to have so much fun…it was great to meet people from different degree programmes and talk about our experiences of being at SEMS, amongst other things! The next Open Day is on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st June 2014 and I hope that I will be able to give the lab tours again.

So let’s finish now and I will tell you guys about something new next time.

At work

Since uni is over, life become boring as its just work and no fun. I wished for summer weather and now its boiling at my working place. This just reminds me of the fun summer I had, beach, water and sun. Me curling up with a book that a summer I hadn’t had in ages. Looking forward to my German  holiday and a shopping spree. For now it’s work alone 😉 until later

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