Samantha Meyerson

Samantha Meyerson
Study Abroad in History & Drama - Full Year
I'm a sophomore at Lafayette College in Easton, PA studying History and Drama. I'm here at Queen Mary for a year, and I work at The White Horse Pub. Currently rowing and trying to get back into football :)

Countdown Begins

I’ve got exactly four weeks left here! I’ve got two and half weeks left of working at the pub and then I’ll have some time off to travel before I head back. I’m currently debating between going to Ireland and Scotland, or heading around a few countries in Europe by train. I’ll have about 7 days after my leaving do to travel, which seems like a fair amount of time to see a couple of cities. It’s all going to depend on my next paycheck!

I’ve just been at work lately, and it’s been a crazy few weeks ~ I’ve been trying to enjoy the gorgeous weather we’ve had too! I try to spend each day off in a park or outside somewhere, especially as I only have one day off a week! Today, however, is mainly going to be spent doing laundry and cleaning before I head out and about.

It’s crazy to think how fast this year has gone. I can still remember moving into halls on campus and my first day of work at The White Horse. It’s also been weird to make plans with my friends from home before we all head back to college again – I only have a week before I move into campus, so I probably won’t even unpack much! Right now though, I’m just going to get everything sorted and ready to go! I am looking forward to going home and getting back into my routine (I miss my car!) Till then ~

Being a Tourist

21st May 2013:

Well I’m officially done with exams! I finished last Thursday, and now I’ve got just under three months until I return home. This week I had a friend from home visiting, which gave me the perfect excuse to be a tourist. I am currently a terrible tourist – I knew I was going to be in London for a long time, so I just kept putting things off. I still haven’t seen Big Ben or the London Eye – but today I finally went to Buckingham Palace. It was a nice short morning trip, and we went to see the changing of the guard. We didn’t stay for the whole thing, instead opting to head to the Natural History Museum.

I love this museum. It’s gigantic, and there’s so many exhibits. We only went through maybe 5 or 6 of them, and we were still in there for four hours. I’m definitely going to go back when I’ve got some more free time!

14th June 2013:

Well almost a month has passed and I completely forget to finish writing this! After Victor left I was busy packing and getting ready to move out of halls into my new house in Stepney Green. Now that classes and exams have officially ended I’ve doubled my hours at work! Which is great, money-wise! I only get a couple days off every week now though, so we’ll see how much touring I’ll actually get to do.

Currently my plans for summer mean I’ll be quitting my job at the end of July, so that I’ll have two weeks in August to travel a bit and enjoy myself in London. I’m planning on going to Sziget, a festival in Hungary (of course, this depends on my paycheck in July!) For now, I’m set to work straight through until August, and I probably won’t take any time off other than to do the occasional day trip.

I’ll be back in Easton, PA by the 15th of August, and then it’s back to Lafayette!

Days off

I had a few days off before I went home to surprise my parents a couple of weeks ago – ended up spending it playing football in Regent’s Park and doing some last minute shopping before heading to the airport!

My parents had no idea I was coming home, and the only person on my campus who knew was my freshman year roommate – I then spent the next two weeks on campus, and trying to get some sun.  I saw former President Jimmy Carter’s speech on the quad, and got to see all of my friends (especially everyone who is going to be graduating this year).  It was a really nice trip and it was good to be home after eight months!

Now I’m back in surprisingly sunny London, about to get back into the swing of work and revision!  Only three weeks to go before summer’s here and I’m done with school!


Breaktime and Birthday

It’s been almost a month since I last wrote ~ these past few weeks I’ve been running around just trying to get things done. Now that the Easter break is here, I’m basically free! Well, except for revision and training and work of course. 😉

My birthday was just this past Sunday (I’m 20 now) and I spent it by playing football in Regent’s Park with my coworkers  – we’re training for charity match later this month – and then headed down to Hammersmith Bridge to watch the Oxford Cambridge boat race! Go dark blues!!! It was so much fun, I was so glad to be able to watch the race in person this year (this has basically been my only goal for the last year) and Oxford won! When the crews passed us at Hammersmith, Oxford was ahead by half a boat length, and I believe they won by two boat lengths. I was sitting right on the bank of the Thames (and I got waked out).

Right now I’m waiting for the nice weather to make a grand entrance.


I just saw Wicked this week! One of the perks of being in London? Fabulous shows and concerts! Last week I went with my friend, Becky, to see Walk the Moon perform at Scala. It was amazing – it was a nice, small venue, and we got to meet the band afterwards! For Wicked I managed to get cheaper tickets through the study abroad group that I came with, and it was absolutely great! I’ve seen Wicked before, but it was definitely worth seeing it again.

I’m trying to see more shows before I leave ~ The day after I’d arrived here, I got to see Chariots of Fire – another amazing show. It was sports and theatre combined, so naturally, I loved it. I saw a one man, social justice play called The Rain the Washes at an exceptionally tiny venue in Leicester Square, and went to see a modern adaptation of Medea for one of my drama classes in December.

Next up on the list of shows: possibly Matilda!



Working in London

I have a job here. I work part-time during the term at a place called The White Horse Pub on Carnaby Street. Very busy, very central, very awesome. I’m actually going to work tonight after I had all of reading week off.

I got a job mainly because I’ve always worked. I was a waitress all through high school, and I had four jobs the summer before I came here (had to save up for London!). When I got to London, I kind of sat around on my hands wondering what to do in my free time.  Rowing took up time, but training was mostly in the mornings so I still had full free days off. What else was I supposed to do after classes on a Thursday? I could have spent my four day weekends travelling through Europe, but I needed money for that . . . which meant a job.

So I started applying to bar and waitressing jobs, and a few days after I had applied to The White Horse, I was interviewed and hired! It is perfect, I have flexible hours, and I absolutely LOVE working there. The friends I’ve made there are amazing. What is even better is that my friend Ellen, who also happens to be my flatmate, also got hired there. It works especially well when we are coming back late together or if we need to cover each others’ shifts.

Working now does take up my spare time. I usually work nights, so I’m home on (hopefully) the last tube. The balance between work, school, and rowing is something I’m still working on. Late nights and early mornings! It’ll be easier once I get my current school work out of the way, and get properly over being ill!



TRAVEL!! Last term I went to Wales for a day, spent a couple of weekends near Manchester, and went to Totnes with my friend Ellen for Christmas. During this term’s reading week I finally managed to travel out of the UK! I booked off of work and decided to head to Prague and Hamburg before heading to Copenhagen to meet my friend Bri for the weekend. She’s studying there for the term, so it was perfect timing!

I spent the first four days of the trip travelling alone. I ended up flying into Prague on the 18th of February, and I stayed in a hostel there until Wednesday. It was snowing on Tuesday when I went out to explore, but it wasn’t too cold. I also managed to aimlessly wander to where I had been told to go! I thought I had gotten lost but miraculously I ended up entering Old Town Square!

Old Town Square

I walked around the area for a bit (once again, aimlessly) before heading back to the hostel for dinner. On Wednesday, I checked out and headed to the train station to get the train to Hamburg. Seven hours later, I arrived at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof! I took the metro to my hostel there, ate a light dinner, and then went off to bed – I was intent on getting an early start the next day!

Thursday I was up and out in Hamburg by 9:30am, and I ended up going to the St. Michaelis Church (below, left). I climbed to the observation tower (the lift was being repaired – so many stairs!) and explored the church’s crypt. Next I walked through Reeperbahn (the red light district) and after a quick lunch break at the hostel I headed out to see the U-Boat museum in near Fischmarkt.


The U-boat museum was probably the highlight of the day. The views from the top of the St. Michaelis were amazing (above, right), but going into the U-434 was the best – and the creepiest thing to walk through alone! They have mannequins in different rooms to show you just how small it would have been for a 6′ tall man. I struggled to get through some rooms, and I’m only 5’4″!

Friday morning I got on the train to Copenhagen! I made it there by mid-afternoon, and Bri and I met up at the main train station. We walked through a lot of the city to get back to her halls in Bispebjerg. After dinner and a few glasses of wine, we met up with some other study abroad students and went out clubbing that night, which was awesome! The next day we went walking around Christiania and Nyhavn, and went to a vegetarian buffet for dinner. That night her halls were hosting a party in their common room (led by RA-type figures), so after drinks at a chic little place called Mexi Bar, we headed there. A fairly early night though, since I had to get to the airport by 1pm for my flight back to London.

Got back to Pooley (my Queen Mary hall of residence) around 6pm . . . just in time for a flat dinner to Nando’s!

Definitely a week well spent. 🙂


Hello . . .

My first blog post! I guess I’ll just make this a quick introduction. I’m Sami, and I’m a sophomore at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. I row and I’m attempting to make my comeback in football (aka soccer) after my untimely retirement two years ago. I’m studying History and Drama, and back home I also minor in Geology and help with Studio Art classes.

Today is Wednesday, which means I don’t have any classes. Wednesday afternoons are basically set aside for the sports clubs to train, and normally I would be at the London Regatta Centre right now however I’m sick once again and I’ve decided to rest a bit. Also, I’ve got concert tickets for Walk The Moon at Scala London tonight, and I do not want to miss it! Living here is great – I really miss being in a big city. I’m originally from Singapore, but I moved to the states when I was about 7 years old – hence my obvious American accent. I actually moved to Easton, PA and haven’t left since . . . so basically coming to London was my big escape from the town!

As far as classes go, I’m really enjoying the classes I took, especially for this term. I’m taking two final year history courses: Cold War America and Film History of Post-War America. My drama course is a Group Practical Project and it has been amazing so far! It’s a lot of fun, and we’re putting on a performance in May for it. I’m looking forward to the rest of term too – especially for the Boat Race in March! Then training week in April, maybe a bit of travel, and finals in May! I’ll be going back home in August just before my junior year starts.

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