3rd Year, Law
Hey I'm Zilla, I'm a first year Law student, I work as a Caterer and I hope to live in New York in the next 4 years :)

Life in London by Priscilla Emakpose

I have lived in London for nearly all my life and I can safely say there is no other location I’d rather spend the next three years of my life. What I find most intriguing about London is how uniquely multi-culturally integrated it is. Originally of African heritage, I studied the International Baccalaureate so I found that I have been surrounded by and studied so many cultures throughout my life but unlike the narrator in Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan by Moniza Alvi, I do not feel like an ‘alien in my living room’; On the contrary I feel like every day I am Wendy embarking on an adventure in London-land.

However, one cannot forget the originality of London Culture. If you are a serial shopper (which I am proudly guilty of) you can visit the new Stratford Westfield 10 minutes away from Mile End Campus, where you can shop at famous high street brands: New Look, H&M, and Forever 21. Or if you like clothes which have a history, you can visit the legendary Brick Lane where there are a selection of Vintage stores such as Rokit Clothing and Beyond Retro.

As a student of course I cannot forget to mention the amazing nightlife in London. If you’re a clubbing person you can visit Mayfair: Aura, Funky Buddha; or students with a budget will love the student nights at Proud (in Camden), Ministry of Sound, and Moonies Bar. Or if you’re a pub-person, don’t worry because London has hundreds; visit Shoreditch or Dalston Junction! Or my personal favourite Amersham Arms in New Cross which is a pub and a club – ingenious!

Just by walking through Central London there are so many aspects of the world thrown at you. Trekking through Leicester Square, the sounds of the Chilean drums entertaining the streets; the flashing advertisements alike the screens in the famous Times Square; wrapped up warm, you can feel the brisk London breeze on your face; and if you close your eyes just long enough you can almost smell Chinese dumplings from just around the corner.

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