Nimi Patel

Nimi Patel
English Language and Linguistics
Hi there, I'm Nimi. I am currently a second-year undergraduate student studying English Language and Linguistics. I am also the President of QMDC and take interest in Tae-kwon-do, art, languages, travelling and blogging. At the beginning of the year, I was lucky enough to start an internship as an outreach intern, which involves identifying and engaging with bloggers, building a contact base and assisting the account managers and sales team with new business opportunities for social media. In the future, I hope to pursue a career in Public Relations, but for now I am just enjoying getting lots of experience :)

Best cafés and places to work from in London

Best cafés and places to work from in London

I often find myself lacking focus when working from home. I constantly get distracted by food (lots of snacks!), things on my desk and messages on my phone. The worst part of it is, I get bored of my room, which (I think) instigates this lack of focus, and consequently demotivates me. Working in an environment in which you sleep in, just does not help. Instead, I force myself to go out for some fresh air and find a cosy little café, so I can get settled into the ‘working groove’. There are so many cool, calm and quirky work cafés/places in London and I am going to share my favourites with you…


East London

As a university student from East London, I am forever on the look out for the trendiest coffee shops to suit a chilled, afternoon work session. You’d be amazed at how many there are in East London.

The Attendant:



This little food bar space was formerly a Victorian toilet (can you believe it!) The Attendant is one my absolute favourite places to work and to go for brunch with friends. It has been transformed into a unique and comfortable space, and is the perfect setting to get started on that dreaded essay you’ve been assigned. The cosy seating area, which features gigantic armchairs and wooden tables, along with the green Victorian floor tiles, really makes it extra special. It is the ideal place to retreat to on a Wednesday afternoon. You must try the banana bread and the mocha! (Thank me later!)

(Awarded Runner Up Best Coffee Shop in London 2013 and 2015)


Ace Hotel:


If you don’t mind a communal workspace, then the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch is just right for you. It is situated in the lobby of one of London’s chicest hotels. Not only that, but this workspace is available to you for 24 hours with free Wi-Fi! So instead of pulling an all-nighter in your university library, upgrade yourself and head down to this swanky hotel. The different zones are separated with furniture, glass and steel screens, which are used as partitions. If you have a group presentation or a work meeting that needs to be organised, this is the best workspace location for you. It features a long 16-seat table and even has a bar so you and your workmates can treat yourselves to a pint or two after a hard-core work sesh! There are also sofas at the back of the room, where you can put your feet up and relax. This workspace has the best of both worlds; a chilled, yet brilliant working environment.


The Book Club:


Now I know this may seem like an odd suggestion, since The Book Club is a great place to go to for a fun night out, but in fact, it is also a funky café. If you yearn for a more enthusiastic and energetic working environment, then this is your place. It is spacious, bright and airy; the ideal location to get creative thoughts flowing. You and your friends canlinger in a soft modern, minimalist space packed with eccentric antique. If work gets too much, you can play a game of ping pong with a group of friends and grab some lunch or even a yummy milkshake. (I recommend the Mixed Mushroom Gnocchi’ – it’s to die for. The best kind of fuel for productivity is ‘food fuel’ right? – well, I think so anyway!)


Central London




Located in my favourite place in London, (Carnaby Street), this cute little coffee shop is one of my greatest finds. I always come here after a long day of shopping or to escape from my uni/home area. There’s something about this place that is really special. It’s cosy, vintage feel and acoustic music, is just absolute bliss. They play all sorts of acoustic music along the likes of Jack Johnson, Lianne La Havas and from time to time, they whip out some old school, smooth classics. I love coming here with friends for a catch up, or on my own to have a light-hearted study session. Their home-baked cakes are delicious and their coffees are made with a smooth caramel dark roast, accompanied with a medium body and sweet finish. What more could you want?

cake1 coffee sanwich


Joe and the Juice


Not only does Joe and the Juice sell the most insane shakes and scrumptious flatbreads, but the working vibe is perfect for young adults, seeking to complete that deadline by the end of the day. If you’re looking for a more contemporary feel, then this is ideal for you. The store is filled with simple, brown leather interior and captures an element of Nordic design. Whilst working, you can tuck into an Avocado Flatbread (a favourite among all of my friends) and the ‘Hell of a Nerve’ shake; a beautiful blend of strawberries, bananas and elderflower.




If you’re looking to be inspired, feel energised, share good ideas and hatch plans, then Flatplanet is here to help! Their purpose is to provide vitality and inspiration, which are essential qualities that are needed if you want to be productive and successful with your work. They serve nutritious, yet delicious food all day to assist you in getting through your work load. Downstairs, there is a lounge/dining area which even features a guy on a piano! So, maybe after you’ve completed your work, you could head downstairs and get into good spirits! Flatplanet really captures that earthy, airy and motivating feel, which as a student, I would take full advantage of! Why not try one of their healthy topped flatbreads, whilst you’re at it?


South London


The Lido Café


This is a picturesque and charming little café to work. It has a charismatic Parisian feel, which creates the perfect working vibe. The good thing about this place is that is overlooks Brockwell park which is ideal, if you fancy escaping out into the fresh air to get away from revision/work. If you happen to be here during the summer, you can take a dip into the Lido pool after a long, hard day of studying. The Lido has free Wi-Fi and is not too busy, so you should be able to get down to work without any distractions. Spoil yourself with a mimosa or two to keep you going throughout the day!



birdhouse cofee 2

Equipped with retro furnishings and jovial images, this coffee bar emits a vibrant ambience thanks to its joyful colour scheme. It has everything you need to unwind and relax. Whilst working, you can indulge into their yummy banana bread, tuck into their hearty sandwiches or enjoy a smooth espresso. You can do all of these things, whilst working in a laid-back, easy going environment. So next time you’re in South London one afternoon, take a trip to the Birdhouse, open that laptop and work away!


Zack’s Deli


Situated in the stylish streets of South Kensington, Zack’s Deli provides a delightful ambience for those looking for organic homemade food and a fine, little place to retreat to for an afternoon work session. In the deli, there is a communal table where you and your friends can work from and enjoy the benefit of the free WIFI.  They also serve delicious food ranging from pancakes to stews, so don’t worry about bringing a packed lunch! If you’re working hard, you need to make sure you reward yourself with an exquisite juice, along with a cake or two – right?






Get with the lingo!



Now, I know that around 90% of you would ‘jaw drop’, tumble to your feet and blush eccentrically if a gorgeous Parisian raised your fingertips and gingerly brushed his lips on the front of your hand, greeting you with the French salutation enchantée’. Recently I’ve decided I’d rather swap places, and become the mysterious femme en rouge walking through the colossal doors at the French, Spanish or even Mandarin Ball. Just to utter a single phrase in a second language can make you feel, intelligent, sophisticated and refined. Not only that, many jobs recruiters are now looking for extra hobbies and attributes in a person before they offer jobs out to applicants. So rather than let them skim-read my application that I spent hours and hours perfecting, I decided to do something about it, and learn new languages to stand out from the crowd.

It is only now that I fully understand the importance of learning a language. We use language as a medium to communicate with the world and share our thoughts and emotions. Why not change “Hello” into “Bonjour, Hola or Guten Tag? As a learner, the different accents and pronunciation really fascinate me; you can utter a phrase and completely surprise yourself with a finalised reaction of “Oo that sounded good” which motivates you further into continuation with the language.

We are at a pivotal point in what is increasingly called world-language education, poised to regain a measure of competitiveness with innovative tools and programs that promote cross-cultural understanding. Unless we shed our reluctance to speak any language other than English, the potential of this renaissance may not take hold, and we could lose our edge.’ (Fost. D Edutopia) Due to advances in technology over time, new opportunities and experiences have been created, providing communication with those speaking other languages; encouraging and motivating students to learn to communicate in a foreign language. With the help of government funding, student-exchange programs are now being created to maximise learning and to prepare students for international work, which is continually progressing and is present in all industries.

I have built a solid passion and desire to travel around the world, spluttering out linguistic phrases and embracing rich cultures. Learning a language has been very inspiring and enjoyable, as well as being beneficial to my education. My English writing skills have improved, I can make conversation when I visit particular countries and overall the French language has also assisted me in my third language Spanish, so now, I’m not just sticking an ‘o’ on the end of every word in English, hoping that it will be ‘correcto’.

There are various ways in which you can learn a language, you can find a teacher, purchase CDs/DVDs or even better, visit the country! It’s astounding how much you can pick up within two weeks. Here’s a little fact for you, “If you want to learn French or German, you know 40% of the vocab already”. Stop the gamut of excuses such as “I don’t have the time to learn the Spanish verbs” or “ I’m too busy”. Think of it this way: it’s beneficial for your future career, it is very rewarding when you can hold a conversation with a speaker from another country and even better, it’s an excuse to get out of England right? You can return cultured, experienced with the language and maybe even with a handsome beau. Who knows?

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