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Nia Nguyen
Final year Business Management
me likes foods :) me also likes cats/kitties/kittens :3 me enjoys volunteering me from Vietnam and has spent 3 years so far in London me very friendly and talkative if not tired xD (y)

42 Miles London Marathon: you don’t always have to run :)

1981 was the year of the first London Marathon. Since then, the event has become the biggest single fundraising day in the World! And this year, 2016, marks the 35th time of its happening.

Some facts on the Event include:
– Course length: 42 miles with the finish line right outside Buckingham Palace
– Fastest finish time recored: 2:03:05 by Eliud Kipchoge (2016)
– Number of Runners: 35,000+ registered in 2016
– Total fund raised: £54 million recorded in 2015

Such an amazing event with impressive numbers in the heart of London every Easter!

Would you get involved? Would I get involved?
The answer is Why not?!

I am pretty certain that 42 Miles may be a great challenge for me, as I am not very athletic myself (sadly). And perhaps the idea of just blending in with the crowd at a cheer point and scream out runners’ names to keep them going is just not appealing enough to get me out of the house and spend half the day outdoor. But surely putting me on the course and giving me a Marshal tag is!


80+ QM Student Volunteers at the London Marathon 2013-16

80+ QMUL Student Volunteers at the London Marathon 2013-16


The QMUL Volunteer Service has been having this honour to be involved with the London Marathon for a period of time. Each year, there are 80 positions for students to volunteer at the event (look at the amazing collage above!) – in particularly, marshaling the route roughly between Mile 18 and 19 entirely within Canary Wharf. No previous marshaling experience required (haha), basic training and briefing is provided together with “gears” for the day, light refreshments and of course uniforms. All you need to do is look out for the registration form closer to the date (available in March – early April), apply and bring your best smile and encouragement!

In terms of provision, you’ll have 2 briefings – 1 is on campus a week before the event to give you information on the event, to equip you and to get you exited while the other will be on the day itself, to highlight your task of the day and to remind you on key information (contact, toilets, security,…). Additionally, there’s a goodie bag that includes a T-Shirt and a cap (from Adidas for the past 3 years I’ve done this event), course pass (that enables access to the route), area map, timing calculations, key contacts, juices, snack bars and a fresh fruit maybe (3 times apple for me). Great prep! Great energy! 🙂


London Marathon 2014-16 course passes

London Marathon 2014-16 course passes


The day kicks off as early as 8am. Meeting point has been at Upper Bank street all these times and Volunteers are gathered at a nearby building to go through the brief. After that, we’ll have a chance to grab more snacks and use the toilet before going to our position. Walking the route backwards, Team leaders will assign volunteers to some position, possibly in a pair, a 3 or a 4, most likely at crossing points and turning points. Crossing point “managers” coordinate with one another (and with turning point if they are close to one) and decide when to open the barriers and let spectators cross the course – let me answer that, when there are no runners. The task is significantly important as crossing at inconvenient time would interrupt the runners. On the other hand, at turning point, it is crucial to keep an eye out and notify crossing point when they can’t see what’s coming.

Some questions I have had while volunteering includes:
– How to get to the other side? – this question comes up when the crossing point is closed. I usually tell them to cross via the DLR bridge (which TFL staff not always happy about) or to go to Lower Ground B-)
– Where’s the nearest toilet? – for spectators, I’ll suggest the shopping centre and for runners, I’ll check the information card I have
– What Mile is this? Well, in between 18 and 19 *pointing where’s 18 and where’s 19*
– Is there a double viewing point? – this, depends on the course each year actually. For the 3 years I did 2014-16, only 2014 had a double viewing point, looking at Mile 15 and Mile 18.
– Did Mo Farah run past here? – Well, if you saw him then yes, if you haven’t maybe he will xD

The day can certainly seem long. In fact, it is! – From 8am to 5pm (that’s 9 hours logged to your profile on QMSU Volunteer towards that certificate you deserve!). Things get really busy 12-3pm as there will be waves and waves of runners and constant cheering, whistling and noises made with a variety of instruments xD Well, did I mention there will be live music?
You’ll see so many different colours from costumes, face paint and even shoelaces 🙂 things that don’t normally go together for an ordinary afternoon. And the energy is just enormous! People cheering, people meeting up with their runners, people giving out Haribo, people taking selfies in the middle of the course, and of course, lots and lots of people running…

Overall, I find the event very nice and interesting. I definitely got friends involved in the subsequent years I participated. Being there cheering for the runners who are determined to complete the marathon for the good cause they are supporting makes me really really happy. It is not an easy route they are on and you will see some struggles. That makes me admire and appreciate those who kept going and achieved what they set out. One day in 2015, I told a friend of mine that later on, when I don’t get this opportunity to volunteer for the London Marathon through QMUL anymore, I’ll run it. Well… That’s also something to look forward too 🙂



Trolley Dash in Olympia

It was a happy day. One of the happiest day that I had. I’m talking about the Trolley Dash of course.

I used to love toys and my favourite would be my cooking set… Or Barbie… Or my Sylvanian set… 🙂 Ahh~! I just love them all! <3 Having said that, I on the other hand, cannot recall precisely when was the last time I actually played with them… Probably some time during my 8th grade or… even long before that. I still like them, trust me I do and that should be the exact reason why I was thrilled when I saw the SU offered an opportunity to collect toys!

OMG! Count me in! x)

Volunteering group 2014 at the Toy fair

QMUL Volunteering team at the Toy Fair – Barnardos Toy Trolley 2014

At the time, the opportunity was organised by Barnardos with the permission of the Toy fair in Kensington Olympia. Volunteers come in on the last day of the fair and for the last 30 minutes, would take a trolley (sponsored by Tesco) and collect as many toy donations as we could . Sorting out them afterwards, according to size, we would then load them on to truck after truck, sending them to disadvantaged children in need.
But for the whole process of sorting up until loading, we had some fun ourselves admiring the toys we loved. There was a huge giraffe I remembered, tiny shopping trolleys, countless cooking sets and so many dolls! Then there were construction toys, teddy bears, tiny figures, mobile phones, colourful fruit baskets and so much more than I can name. It was like a toy heaven!

Huge Giraffe on top a trolley full of toys!

Huge Giraffe on top a trolley full of toys!

The event took place on 23rd January 2014 and it actually was the first time I volunteered through QMSU Volunteering service. It was the start for a series of all the great opportunities I continued to get involved in later days. Now looking back it felt even greater :’)

Me pushing mini trolley, "nagging" for more toys

Me pushing mini trolley, “nagging” for more toys

January 2015, I looked forward so much to another memorable trip to the wonderful toy-land and my heart sank when days after days checking the website without seeing the opportunity pop up. What could I do if there was no event held altogether.

But I felt the worst when it came back in 2016 and I could not go. This time, organised by Kids Out.

QM Team at KidsOut Toy Trolley 2016 - Olympia

QMUL Team at Toy fair – KidsOut Toy Trolley 2016 – Kensington Olympia

The event crashed with my school schedule but I wanted to go so much that I was considering skipping class… Everyone who went told me the same thing – it was amazing! 🙂 I knew that, I knew that all along. And I’m glad that they had great fun volunteering at the Event as I did 2 years before.

There’s not much to say besides it’s a really really really really nice event that one should definitely consider going (if it doesn’t crash with your classes xD) Take it from me, and from those who were there.

The Breakfast Challenge at Whitechapel Mission

Calling early birds and night owls, here’s a Breakfast Challenge for you!

For years, QMSU Volunteer has been working with the Whitechapel Mission, offering students with various amazing volunteering opportunities. One of which is known as the (legendary) Breakfast Challenge.


Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

What is the Breakfast Challenge?

This is a unique volunteering experience I can definitely confirm.

Belonging to the One-day volunteering category, this is the opportunity for Volunteers to help the Whitechapel Mission prep and cook breakfast for the homeless in the area. A full English breakfast is offered on menu, together with other options such as porridge or cereals. No cooking experience required from Volunteers 🙂


What is happening on the date?

Basically, a group of students, ideally 8, will meet up as early as 5:15am on a Sunday and then travel to Whitechapel together, just in time for the 5:45am brief.


A Group of Students Volunteering at the Whitechapel Mission

A Group of Students Volunteering at the Whitechapel Mission (Feb 2014)

Afterwards, each pair will be in charge of a station – hot drink, toast, veg or protein (how I usually address them)

1. Hot drink station – responsible for making hot drinks – coffee, tea or chocolate, on order
2. Toast station – responsible for making buttered toasts, usually prep around 10-15 family loafs
3. Vegetable station will be filling up a huge pot of mushroom and a huge pot of bake beans initially. If you’re in charge of this station for the second phase, remember to stir the whole pot from time to time (gently) to avoid burning!
4. Protein station, my favourite, is responsible for frying sausages, eggs (sunny side up) and oven bake some bacon! (yummm). Me alone on this station may crack up to 70 eggs myself.

The preparation process will continue until 8 o’clock; until then, Volunteers can change stations and try out different tasks.

Once it’s 8 o’clock, only 2-3 volunteers will stay at the Protein station to maintain the flow of hot eggs whereas the rest will join the front line and run the service. Normally, one volunteer can be the cashier, 2-3 can assemble orders and another 2 at the drink station. Also there will be other volunteers remain in the kitchen and prepare porridge or cereals on order. Otherwise, Staff will circulate around to manage the process and provide guidance. Volunteer can also manage the charging station and/or give out toiletries to those in need.

Service will end around 10AM, drinks and food window will be closed after this time. What’s left is just cleaning!

Cleaning process

Cleaning process


Volunteers are expected to be dismissed by 12pm or even earlier than that (if you’re efficient in cleaning :P)


Why did I do the Breakfast Challenge? How do I feel about it?


Why not?
It’s Volunteering! It’s outside uni-time! A chance for me to try something new, to take on a challenge! It’s a perfect one-day opportunity for someone who’s afraid of commitment like I was 🙂 and it’s absolutely meaningful to the community!

I’ve always enjoyed volunteering and besides, I’m an early bird myself, I also love food; interested in meeting new people and especially I like to talk and share (like what I’m doing now – indirectly communicate my experience and opinion to you!).



Funtime with SU President Dola (2013-14) @ the Breakfast Challenge (Oct 2014)


I’ve made new friends, amazing new friends from the Breakfast Challenge; friends from different departments and different countries each and every time I take on the Breakfast Challenge. So far, I have participated in 3 occasions and still find each time fascinating and special in their own way. To me, this is a very unique opportunity that gives me a different perspective of life. If I decide not to participate in this event but to wake up at 9am and stay indoor all day Sunday, I would not be able meet other inspiring volunteers, would not have seen another image of London and its people and almost certainly would not have the chance to do something nice for the community.


Christmas time @ Whitechapel Mission: Staff and Volunteers

Christmas time @ Whitechapel Mission: Staff and Volunteers (Dec 2014)


True, it may be a little hard to leave the bed so early and head out to the dark and the wind; but what you gain is warmth in your heart and even more.


Advice for you

Because I can do it, so can you!
If you’re a night owl and you’re taking that excuse to not waking up and be ready, then think how amazing it would be if you can actually take on the Challenge! Winning double – I would say 🙂 And if you’re an early bird, then here’s a good reminder not to skip Breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day! Prepare it and share the care!

Although the SU Volunteer only offers the Challenge on a Sunday owing to Students’ timetable, Whitechapel Mission holds this event everyday. Bankers (from Lloyds, Barclays or Deutsche Bank) and people from other organisations take turns to participate. Thus, this means that you can possibly “connect” to them if you’re thinking about a career in Finance (haha). Examine the Calendar once you’re there if you don’t believe me. Otherwise, you can always brag about all the skills you gain through this Challenge in any interview, ranging from initiative, drive, time management, communication, coordination and so on and forth!

And believe it or not, Breakfast Challenge is one of the most popular Volunteering opportunities that students love. There are instances that the event is over-registered so make sure you put your name down fast on!

Happy Breakfast

I dare you to take on a Breakfast Challenge!


So Hiya!

Hope things have been well for everyone 🙂
For this post, I want to share my knowledge on and experience with TeamUp! As there are more and more students who showed interest in this organisation, I figure a little insight would be useful, thus this post will be very informational but personal at the same time!


Starting with TeamUp: Who is TeamUp?

It’s a Organisation that provide tutoring in GCSE Maths, English or Science for pupils with disadvantage background.
TeamUp believes that all children should be given a chance to recognise their own potential regardless of the environment they grew up in.

The mastermind behind this charitable organisation is Sharla Duncan. She was once unfortunately at the risk of leaving school with no qualification and tbh, she didn’t care. That was purely because her family background shaped her ambivalence towards education and even towards the future. However, this was totally changed when she received some help from a friend, someone who saw her ability and guided her through her study. Sharla not only realised what she was capable of and proceeded to do a Biochemistry degree in KCL but also she became more aware of the reality of children with disadvantage background like her. Gradually, this developed to her ambition to change the situation, to do what her friend did for her for more children, to make a change in someone’s life. And that was the origin of TeamUp.

How does TeamUp work?

University students will volunteer as tutors in either one of the three subjects – Maths, English or Science. Every week, they will run a tuition session with a small group of pupils, ranging from 1 to 5. Location of the lesson can be at the local school or on uni campus. The course runs for 15 sessions excluding welcome, training and social events. After completing the program, every tutor will be awarded with a Certificate of Leadership, while their pupils will receive a Recognition of participation.

Sponsors for TeamUp, such as Ark School, Lloyds banking, Norton Trend and so forth are willing to fast-track TeamUp Leaders onto training schemes, discover days and other developmental programs. Furthermore, there are skills to gain from the teaching experience itself, such as communication, problem solving, time management and so forth.

Where, When and How to apply?

For this year, the deadline for application to get on TeamUp leadership program is on 22nd October 2015. To apply, students will have to go to TeamUp website and complete an online application form. Afterwards, they will have ab interview and successful candidates will be invited to the training day.

TeamUp website is at
TeamUp QMUL facebook is Team Up QMUL 2015/16 

Why did I apply?

To be frank, the idea of gaining transferable skills and receive a ‘Rising Leader’ Certificate has already excited me. I did/am doing Business Management and leadership is a skill that is so valuable on my CV that I can’t emphasise enough. Besides, I am quite confident in Maths, so tutoring may not be a problem to me, like they said, “Asians know their maths” xD

But, on the flip side, there were things for me to considered. Things such as my ‘fear’ of commitment, especially when I think about time. Also questions like what if I have extra readings? What if I need more time to do my coursework? What if I feel tired from studying I don’t want to go to the session anymore?
It was early in my 2nd year that I came across TeamUp and true, there were extra readings and coursework to be done that a Saturday morning free would benefit me. There was time when my brain would work any further that an extended sleep till noon would really refresh me.
In the end, Volunteering spirit and desire for skills won: I participated 🙂

How did I perform, What did I achieve and What would I do differently?

Honestly, 15 sessions went faster than I thought.

As for me, and for several other fellow tutors, the tuitions seemed not have that big an impact on pupils’ study and/or their understanding at first. There were times when pupils were completely distracted from studying or did not do their homework or just absolutely have no clue what I was talking about during the session, which was indeed disappointing. And I thought I did horribly, I failed and I have no leadership material at all.
But then, my pupils, 3 schoolgirls, when given the same exam paper they did before tuition by the end of the course actually showed improvements compared to their original result. They amazed me! They made me believe in their ability and their potential, they even made me believe in myself a little bit more.

By the end of the day, I genuinely felt more confident as I can communicate more effectively (after all the alternative or simplified explanations of a same concept). I recognised my initiative, my persuasive self and was kinda happy when I knew that I made a positive impact on someone else.
Everything just then added up on my belief in TeamUp mission. It sounds cheesy in a way I guess but it true. Before, when I was reading about TeamUp, everything sounds fairytale-like or movie-like with Sharla’s situation and ambition (especially because Asian dramas heavily influenced me); but now, I can actually relate to her and be able to see and to agree with what she wants.

If I can change something, I would change the timing of my participation. I should have done it in my first year in University. Why? Because not only that I can develop my skills sooner but also that I can have an impact on the next generation earlier. Besides, that was also the time when Maths was still fresh in my mind, I would not have to double check my note or any formula 🙂 As time goes by, Course reading gradually shifts my state of mind to more Humanistic view of the world… but then I guess tutoring Maths recalls a little Science to my brain.

Advice for you

Do it! Just do it! xD

Do it if you like to interact with people; Do it if you like challenging situations; Do it if you are concerned about the inequality of chance; Do it if you want to be a teacher; Do it if you like volunteering; if you want transferable skills, to brag on your CV; Do it if you want a little break from advanced study, from course materials exhaust you sometime; Do it if you want a little reminder of what you enjoyed and were good at when you were in school; Do it if you believe in changes, if you believe in yourself that you can take this mission; Do it if you feel you’re ready!

It will be rewarding by the end when you know you did a good job 😉

Me and my fellow event manager @ the Fresher Fair 2015

Me and my fellow event manager @ the Fresher Fair 2015

Note: I am now an Event Manager for QM Team Up committee this year. My involvement has just got integrated a step further into the organisation; contradicting my ‘fear’ for commitment right 😛
But see! Amazing changes happen with Team Up, for the pupils and for ourselves as well!

I hope this helps 🙂 Good luck guys, regardless!

Challenges yet to come :)

So it has been 7 weeks now since I last talked about ‘Milestones’ – Only almost 2 months and things have changed so much to me!

As I have mentioned, Volunteering has been a big thing for me since January 2014. I have said this so many times but still can’t express how much I treasure each opportunity. One after another, they all made me feel oddly satisfied. People were smiling at each other, working in harmony and wishing for the same outcome. In simple terms, Volunteering is like magic that unites everyone and makes visible changes to the community.
I very much enjoy and believe in volunteering and honestly want to do more. On this basis, I grabbed all my courage to take a step further, from a Team leader for one day opportunities to running for Volunteer Officer of the Mile End campus. Yes, you read it right! After nomination, I did not chicken out and actually run for the position!

My campaign was not as big and noticeable like other candidates. I tried to talk to different students, see how they perceive volunteering and ask what they want to be changed. It does not surprise me that the concept of “commitment” put people off from participating in these miracle activities. To be honest, it did put me off a bit earlier but once I got involved, ‘commitment’ does not appear like a big word anymore. In my mind, there are adjustments to be made, like the frequency as well as the variety of the opportunities offer.
If I become the Volunteer Officer, I would try to offer volunteers opportunities to help the local community, like Lakshika (current V-officer) has been working on so far. From an international student perspective, getting these chances would be brilliant insight to London and would improve our overall experience. And generally, QM students involved in working with the local community is actually a great combination 🙂

Furthermore, although I am not 100% an extrovert but I do enjoy social events and gathering. To be honest, there are only a few occasions when volunteers can meet each other. So, the second goal I want to achieve if I got the role is to expand and strengthen the social network of volunteer. I want more social events, more opportunities for volunteers from Mile End campus to meet volunteers from Barts and London; more opportunities for QM volunteers to meet those from other universities! I want to make volunteers feel that they belong in a society, in a big united team to share their experience, to connect and to achieve diverse experience!!
Forming these goals and directions, I imagine more and more happy faces talking about volunteering as enthusiastic as one can be…
It is little bit like I have a vision and I would work towards it while considering all other wishes and issues arising along the way.
Nevertheless, these plans and directions only have a few months left to ‘configure’ before they will officially implemented as I am thrilled to announce myself as the (M.E) Volunteer Officer elected! x) Since the election has come to an end, I’m left with a unique experience and a determination to perform well in my future role thanks to all of you. I very much appreciated the support and trust I have received from friends, course mates and future fellow volunteers <3

I would try my best to be worthy of the position!
The “if” in my mind is now become “when” and to me right now, the challenges have yet to come!

More and more volunteering!!!!

So, who went to the QM International Week?
If you missed it, you missed all the fooooooooddddd and the performanceeeee! And a chance to win £200 voucher! xD

I was there from start to end and I can tell you, it was brilliant! A must-go next year if you don’t know what I’m talking about! 🙂
It was also my opportunity to have a mini reunion with some (not all) crew members from Fresher Week last year. We “flew” to Sydney and back to “Paris” during the event! Here’s my proof.

The crew and the organisers

The crew and the organisers

It’s currently on my wall now!

Anyways, this week is the last of the 1st half of the 2nd semester 😛

We celebrated our Lunar New Year (or CNY some people say) this week as well. I had some friends over and we were preparing the food since like 8am on wednesday, since 5pm was midnight in our home country! I don’t think I will inset any demonstration now ’cause I’m actually quite hungry…

Thinking about celebrating New Year, it has now my 4th year doing it away from home. Everyone I talked to so far usually asked me if I missed home ever. I guess from time to time I do get a little blue but not that homesick. Once in a while, I do think of my grandma, and my cat, and all the street food that I can’t replicate no matter how hard I try 🙂 But it’s a good thing that my parents call me/video call me so often as well as taking turn to pay me a visit. Perhaps I should thank technology achievement? x)
Here’s a picture of my cat 🙂 He’s 11 years old now (time flies too fast!) but only like 4 months ago that I finally know his breed!

Nia's cat - Smooth

Nia’s cat – Smooth

I swear, you can never fine a more obedient cat that will stay that still for dress up! :3
Can you guess the breed? I didnt even think there’s a name since he looks like British short hair but all white… I would say he’s a white cat… but honestly, his breed is rare! Khao manee. Look it up, search to buy one, you would be surprise I got my Smooth for free!

Anyways, enough cat fever!
This week I also submitted my nomination form to run for the Mile End Volunteering Officer!
Ahead will be a long but fun route. My campaign gonna start soon! Wait for it! 🙂


I can’t believe I have finished half of my degree now!

I have to express it straight away ’cause it has been in my head for several days now!

It’s not like I’m feeling old or something but I guess my time at Queen Mary will be running out soon. I still haven’t explore/exprience everything there is to offer me here!

Recalling January 2014, on the 23rd was my first volunteering opportunity with QMSU Volunteer. It was the Barnardo’s toy trolley in Olympia London. Back then, I have only been with QM for like almost 4 months and started to gain interest in other activities rather than study and get to know my course mates.

Team QM Voluteer at the London Olympia

Team QM Voluteer at the London Olympia

The experience working with other like-minded peer from QM made me feel so warm and happy; and that was the scoring point in encouraging my commitment with other activities with the University.

On 13th April 2014, after joining several other volunteering opportunities, I got my chance to help out with the London Marathon 2014, which was like the biggest event I know of ever! The crew from the Uni was so big. There were more than 80 of us, all happy and excited!

Team QM @ London Marathon 2014

QMSU Volunteer team for London Marathon 2014

It was one of the most memorable moments in my entire student life! (I’m so gonna do it again this year! Wait for that post!!!) And it made me realise I do, very much enjoy what I’m doing 🙂 and that I like to be more involved than just being a student, being a volunteer member of the Volunteering society.

It was not a difficult decision to put my name down for being a One-day Volunteer Team Leader. At the time, I was not very certain that I’m good enough to take on the role, I was not confident at all. Nevertheless, in the end, I got myself a position in the Leader team (woohoo) and I was beyond happiness! I felt like I can do so much more for the community as well as learn so many things while I’m volunteering. But on top of all, I really enjoy it and and want to do it!

September 6th 2014 was my first day back in Uni. Not simply a student keen on coming back, but also a QMSU Crew member to welcome the freshers for 2014!

QMSU Fresher Crew 2014

QMSU Fresher Crew 2014



Gradually, I was getting more and more involved with the University and everything around study and student life. I even picked up blogging (sometime in October 2014), which was an unusual thing for me to do, but it’s still great!

Come to think about my little time left, I really want to do more than what I’m already doing now! What sort of milestones will I have in 2015? There’s “Get Active” from QMSU that I have been wanting to try but I never seem to have enough time. There’s “International week” (I’m gonna do this!). There’s “QMSU Ball” or the “Boat Party” that I never have the motivation to go… And I know another one that can make it in to my list though… (Just that I’m not quite sure if I can do it :()

… Since we are in the nomination period for new QMSU officers… should I give it a try? :3

I’ll give myself a little more time to think about this! Maybe it would be one of the best thing I have done while being at QMUL! <3


This is how I spent my weekend :)

Hi readers!

My name is Nia and this is my first entry 🙂

First of all, I shall assume that you guys know nothing about me and have no interest in me (sad but that’s fine) thus, I’m gonna introduce myself in this post and express my personality in future ones as well. So, here it goes! 😛

Basic: I’m currently in my 2nd year, studying Business Management. I’m an international student (from Vietnam, speaking Vietnamese :3) and it has now been my 4th year in London so far. I rented a private flat since year 1 and shared it with 2 other friends – both studying in Queen Mary as well. It takes me around 25 minutes to walk to uni but considering the wind, the rain and the future snow, I usually take the bus, which cost me only 12 minutes or so 🙂

But anyways…

The neon Glow fun run 2014


This picture above is how much fun I had with other QM Students last friday (17th, by the way, my weekend is prolonged thanks to a friday-off, muahahahah).

There were Glow sticks, Glow paint, UV lights and very very loud music!

Guess what…

*Drum roll*

I went to the Neon Glow Fun Run!!!!!!!! (not clubbing >:P haha)

Sorry if I disappointed you 🙂 I am a member of the QMSU Volunteer and I am also a one-day event team leader 😀 (Nia, remember!)
Last friday, there was an event called the Neon Glow fun run held in the Mile End Stadium. I was not leading this event but it was equally fun for me 🙂 We got a chance to do face painting for the runners (and for each other) prior to the run. What was said is that we, as marshals, can spray paint on the runners while they are running… It didn’t happen though… (I think it would if we asked) but instead, we could run and be sprayed ourselves (some of us did).

Dancing Glow Hunter

Then on sunday, I was the event leader for the Breakfast challenge (another volunteer opportunity). If you guys don’t know, the challenge is not for who can eat the most or who can eat the fastest xD but it’s about preparing and serving breakfast for the homeless at the Whitechapel mission. There were 7 of us (including me) meeting up outside the Mile End station at 5am on a sunday morning – how enthusiastic it sounds! For this occasion (and for the first time), the president of the Student Union – Dola Osilaja, joined our crew!
 I would quote the link of the 2 events’ photos once they are uploaded on the QMSU Volunteer Facebook webpage 🙂

But there are some photos I took that I can show you guys now, like this one:

Cooking sausages, bacons and eggs

Cooking sausages, bacons and eggs – Breakfast Challenge

Cleaning up

Cleaning up afterwards – Breakfast Challenge

Our work finished around 11:30am when the sun was up bright and shine – a beautiful sunday 😀
We volunteers all got on the bus and headed back to the Mile End station. My duty officially ended for the event <3

♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♭ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♭ ♪♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♭ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♭ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♭ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♭ ♪

Some asked me why I do this sort of activities, I replied “why not?”.
Volunteering has different purpose/meaning to different people. It can be a mean of enhancing your cv, improving your soft skills, expanding your social network and so on and so forth. It does the same for me and I can see how useful and wonderful it is after each and every event I went to.
After quite sometime doing this (I started last year), I think the real reason why I enjoy volunteering is because of the benefit it raises for both parties. It’s good for me to volunteer as for the reasons above and it’s better off for the people I help through these fund-raising, care-giving through these events.
The bonus (+) for me it’s the satisfying feeling when I know I am doing something good and worthwhile  for the society :”> It is just a great feeling…

♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♭ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♭ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♭ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♭ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♭ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♩♭ ♪

That’s it for this first entry of mine 🙂
Hope I didn’t exhaust your eyes!
Have a nice and productive week! See you guys next time 😛

(Bonus Picture – me and the staff at the Whitechapel mission)

The staff and the team leader

The staff and the team leader

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