Gabriel Streich

Gabriel Streich
2nd Year, BSc Environmental Science
I'm a 2nd year mature student, studying Bsc Environmental Science within the School of Geography at Queen Mary. I'm 26 and prior to starting at Queen Mary I had spent quite a few years working in tedious office jobs, so getting to study a subject I love in a stimulating environment has made a brilliant change from the hum-drum life of the 9-5. I did spend a year travelling around the world when I was 22, taking in sights from India to Fiji. It was one of the best year's of my life! Some other pretty great years have been since I moved to London and QMUL. For anyone with a sense of adventure living in London is a must!

The Environment is Your Oyster!

As a 2nd year Environmental Science student at Queen Mary (we all just call it QMUL), I’ve been lucky enough to do some pretty amazing things.  For one, we have been on a load of fieldtrips, from a day out in Epping Forest to a week in the snowy Scottish Highlands.  And Environmental Science students have the prospect of trips to the Bornean rainforest and the Florida Everglades as the course progresses.  Fieldtrips aside, this course has taught me to appreciate and understand the deeply interconnected nature of the Earth’s environmental systems; from the study of rivers and glaciers and how they sculpt the very land we walk on, to the organisms that inhabit these environments and their intimate connection to whole Earth processes.  You may already know this, but I didn’t before I started at QMUL; we have some very small organisms (microscopic in fact) to thank for the very air we breathe!  Good old (and I mean old, we’re talking 3.5 billion years old) Cyanobacteria.

So, that’s an intro to the cool stuff I’ve learnt and done since joining QMUL, not to mention the fact that being at QMUL means you get to live in London!

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